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Where Health & Faith Unite
Where Health & Faith Unite

Experience a new dawn in healthcare where health and faith unite, living the wisdom of Proverbs 17:22: ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine.’

Dr. Ryan Bentley

As a man in the fields of medicine, research, and chiropractic care, It’s my faith in God that ties everything together. Think of me as a non-traditional Christian who’s fully invested in his beliefs. Leaving out my faith would make my story incomplete.

Even if spirituality isn’t your thing, no worries. If you’re grappling with the complexities of life, balancing work and family, or pursuing personal growth, you’ll find something relatable in my experiences. I believe my stories are universal and there’s a lesson in them for everyone.

Dr. Bentley, a dedicated physician of faith, is the proprietor and practitioner at Vitalis-Health, a healthcare institution deeply committed to serving the communities of Holland and the Midwest with exceptional health and regenerative medicine services.

Our unwavering commitment lies in prioritizing courtesy, comfort, and the prompt delivery of precise diagnostics and therapies right from your initial interaction with us. Our meticulously maintained and welcoming environment ensures your comfort as we equip you with state-of-the-art techniques in lifestyle, preventative, and regenerative medicine.

At Vitalis-Health, we provide direct primary care, unmatched diagnostic precision, and pioneering treatment approaches that transcend conventional norms within our region.

Dr. Bentley is the CO-Founder and Medical Directory of Humarian. Humarian uniquely formulated a Probonix line of probiotics to address the needs of their patients and those suffering from a variety of health conditions.

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